Why boxing is great for weight loss?

Choosing a fitness routine with weight loss in mind would occasionally get recommendations to enroll in boxing classes. Most of the time, sports-based routines put a person in the middle of a rigorous workout, sometimes not too rigorous in consideration of individuals about to hit the gym for the first time. Sweating it out should be interesting or at least reveal a unique side to you. Once you read below what made boxing as an excellent way to shed off the pounds, you see yourself trading punches more than a year in your pals’ fave fitness center.


There are sessions conducted in a very known boxing gym in San Diego that span 45 minutes or less from beginner to advanced levels of difficulty. 45 minutes has become the standard, almost non-stop way to train for weight loss purposes. Breaks are brief enough to either drink water and not to break the momentum. Slowing down is an option but not stopping so as not to shock the muscles from high-intense activity to sudden stops. It may be the least obvious among the benefits. But the moment you can outlast anyone in a 45-minute session for 7 straight days, the pounds are shed off before you even realize it. With better endurance, the body is conditioned for the more rigorous versions of the fitness routine.

Better Breathing

This is related to endurance since some weight loss seekers don’t mind the intense activity but often forget the basics of proper breathing. You don’t stop to breathe in the middle of boxing classes. If you can keep on breathing properly without stopping the punches thrown, then you have achieved the safe way to burn calories. Oxygen works best in the middle of a fitness program when a dieter inserts the improved breathing process into the routine. Like breathing in to pull back the fist and breathing out to punch the bag. Rinse and repeat.

Less Saggy Arms

While most dieters base their weight loss from inches lost from their waistline, other dieters prefer a holistic approach to losing weight where even other parts of the body lose excess fat as well. Some women sign up for boxing classes because they saw their peers lose weight including the excess fat that made arms saggy. Well-toned arms can be gradually attained with constant physical activity. Those dieters in a rush would simply add a dumbbell for each hand for the air boxing part of the sessions, preferably weighing a pound each.

Trading the punches can lead to knocking excess fat out of your body. It made sense especially if you’ve been itching to purge it out of your system. Whether you’re doing it air boxing style, hitting that punching bag or sparring it out with another dieter, you’d get the hang of jumping around the ring, hyping up for your first exhibition match and putting your fitness routine into competitive mode. And for the most part, the only competitor you have is that muffin top.